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About Tallinn Children’s Hospital

Last update 11.11.2000
Composed by Margit Venesaar MD

Tallinn Children’s Hospital is a regional medical centre for North and West Estonian children. There are following units in the hospital:
  • admission unit

  • otorhinolaryngology

  • gastroenterology and nephrology

  • neurology

  • traumatology and orthopedics

  • III level intensive care (ICU) and anesthesiology

  • surgery

  • newborn special care and infants unit
In the unit of newborns and infants there are 34 beds for newborns including preterm babies - 4 II level intensive care beds, 4 I level intensive care beds and 26 beds for infants. Finally there are 2 beds for sick mothers.In Tallinn there has created unique organizational structure where newborns who need III level intensive care have not dispersed everywhere to the hospitals but have hospitalized into one unit from all maternity houses. It has guaranteed the concentration of high qualified specialists into one hospital and the rational use of medical technology. Children hospitalizing take place by special transport which belongs to III level ICU. When baby is extubated and starts to breath autonomously he/she is transferred to newborn special care unit. In the III level ICU where baby is under the mechanical ventilation mother’s presence is difficult to organize and often not necessary but in special care unit mother can be with her baby 24 hours. Mother is included into the process of treatment and after few days she is a full-valued team member. Mother’s adaptation in the hospital and contact with her child is supported by psychologists, therapists, gynecologists and midwives. The main principle is to delegate faster a care taking of a baby to mother and to start breastfeeding a baby not just breastmilk feeding as it is done everywhere in Western neonatal units (mothers bring breastmilk to hospital and staff feeds babies).

Such a system guarantees optimal care and her/his human- and child rights in the hospital as well as it guarantees that baby is a person number 1 in the hospitals.


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