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Book: Humane Perinatal Care

Beverly Chalmers (DSc (Med); PhD)
Adik Levin (MD.,  Ph.D, MSc.D.)

Will be available 1st qr 2001

Traditionally the experience of having a baby in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is a traumatic one for parents and probably also for babies. It is characterized by separation of mother and baby and substitutes for breastfeeding. In most of the industrialized world this is accepted as essential in providing optimal care for the sick or preterm newborn.
This book challenges these assumptions and suggests that NICU care may be more beneficial if babies are hospitalized together with their mothers, cared for predominantly by them, provided with extensive skin-to-skin contact, with as de-medicalised an approach as possible, and breastfeeding.

As Beverley Chalmers writes: "What is remarkable is not that Levin's babies thrive with little more than tender, loving care, but that we in the 21st century, still enforce separation of babies and mothers as well as institutionalization of the most needy of our infants, even in the best of our units."

Humane perinatal care is the practice of family-centered, psycho-socially sensitive, multiculturally adapted, multidisciplinary, evidence-based care. It utilizes essential and appropriate technology, during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

Re-establishing women, their partners and their babies, as the key players in perinatal care is the primary focus of this text. That is what this latest, most challenging, book is about. An explosive read from an explosive partnership. This is essential reading for both professionals and families.
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