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Video: Person Number One Child

A. Levin 2000
In english, russian, spanish and estonian.

[ video1.jpg ] Tallinn Children’s Hospital Humane Neonatal Care Initiative does not ignore the achievements of high technological medicine, on the contrary we use it when necessary for the baby in III level NICU and transferring him/her to II level intensive care unit. In the treatment and care of the baby is also included mother who has a possibility to be with her baby 24 hours a day becoming a member of the united hospital team. The system is not only humane for a baby and family but also cheaper (economy of staff and ethnology). Because of this the film is interesting both for West-European and North-American NICUs where till now for mothers have delegated the role of mother-guest. The film is also important from the practical point of view to the new independent countries who have been started a reorganization of perintal system. The film material will help not to repeat the same mistakes that have done in developed country with high-technology.
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