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In 90s the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) has become generally known all over the world. That movement is supported and led by WHO, UNICEF, WABA and other world organizations. To give truth its due the movement has had a very positive influence on the babies' situation in maternity hospitals. Unfortunately the BFHI includes mother-child contact and breastfeeding only for healthy children in maternity hospitals. The baby-friendliness for preterm and sick newborns has much wider meaning than just breastfeeding. Because of that the baby-friendliness for preterm and sick newborns not only breastfeeding but also non-aggressive therapy, minimal analysis, protection of baby's human- and child rights in neonatal units of the hospitals. All these conditions are united under the Humane Neonatal Care Initiative (HNCI) what we propose from Tallinn, Estonia. Humane Medicine is not supported by three big elephants: pharmaceutical firms, firms of medical technology, firms of breast milk substitutes. Beacause there is no hope to get any support from "three elephants" to HNCI, it would be good if international funds, organizations and private persons could support the initiative.

We call on to join with the Humane Neonatal Care Initiative. We ask you to sign up and after we have some organizations, hospitals and private persons we have possibility to think together how to intensify the movement in the world.

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